Troubleshooting Help for the Gas Furnace in Your Tomball Home

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  • November 17, 2014

gas furnace troubleshootingIs the gas furnace in your Tomball home acting up? Troubleshooting a gas furnace before you call for help will save you money if you can find and fix the problem yourself. Look over these tips to get started.

Gas Furnace Produces No Heat

Check the thermostat first, starting with the batteries. Dead thermostat batteries lead to more unnecessary service calls than you might expect. Make sure the thermostat is set to “heat” mode and the temperature setting is far enough above the room temperature for the furnace to come on.

Check the power supply. The switch on or near the furnace should be in the “on” position. Re-set tripped circuit breakers or replace blown fuses. If the circuit fails immediately when you turn the furnace back on, you probably have an electrical problem that will require an expert to repair.

If the furnace has a standing pilot light, make sure it’s lit. If it’s not burning, try relighting it if you’re certain you know what you’re doing and can do it safely. Call a heating technician if the pilot light won’t stay lit.

Gas Furnace Turns On and Off Too Frequently

Short cycling may be caused by something as simple as a dirty air filter, or it may indicate a more difficult problem with the thermostat controls or the blower motor. Change the air filter first, then call for expert help if the problem persists.

System Is Noisy When the Furnace Is Running

Popping noises soon after the furnace turns on or shuts off could be caused by ducts expanding and contracting. Squealing or grinding noises may indicate that fan belts need to be adjusted or motor or fan bearings need lubrication.

Gas Furnace Doesn’t Produce Enough Heat

If the furnace is running but not heating well, check for airflow obstructions such as dirty filters or blocked vents. You may need a furnace tune-up that includes cleaning and adjusting the burners.

Call ACS Absolute Comfort if you need help troubleshooting a gas furnace. Our expert technicians can get your system back up and running quickly.

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