Spring, TX Air Conditioner & Heater Services


The Spring area has been settled for hundreds of years. Once an agricultural heartland for the ancient Ishak people, the area drew its first European inhabitants during the middle decades of the 19th century. After its inclusion in Harrisburgh, the predecessor to Houston, Spring became a fertile farming community that specialized in sugar cane and cotton. During the early 20th century, the area experienced a brief boom as the site of a railroad switchyard that controlled the movement of trains through the Houston area. Many residents left after the facility’s relocation, but development eventually resumed. By the turn of the 21st century, Spring was an important northern suburb of Houston.


Spring is located in the north-central portion of Harris County. Although it remains unincorporated, it’s sandwiched between the northern fringes of Houston and the incorporated city of The Woodlands. Like the surrounding areas, Spring features low-density residential subdivisions and a number of commercial nodes that serve residents of surrounding communities. Major transportation thoroughfares include Interstate 45 and the Hardy Toll Road. Outsiders often confuse Spring with the city of Big Spring, a medium-sized municipality in West Texas.

Population and Demographics

Spring has a year-round population of roughly 55,000. This makes it one of the largest communities on the northern fringes of Houston. Like many communities that surround the country’s fourth-largest city, Spring has seen tremendous population growth since the turn of the 21st century. With significant amounts of undeveloped land on its northern and eastern edges, this looks likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Spring’s current residents are a bit more affluent than the typical Houston-area resident, but low housing costs reduce the financial pressure on middle class homeowners as well.

Things to Do in Spring, Texas

Spring has plenty of family-friendly attractions. The Splash Town water park draws families from across the northern half of the Houston area, and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is noted for low-cost concerts from internationally renowned musical acts. The Old Town Spring development deftly blends history, family-friendly points of interest and high-end shopping in a coherent facility that’s popular with people of all ages. Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens attracts lovers of botany, and the Spring Creek Greenway is popular with bikers, joggers and bird-watchers. Farther afield, Lake Houston Wilderness Park attracts hikers and campers who don’t want to spend hours in the car.

Climate and Weather

Despite its northern location within the Houston metro area, Spring has a subtropical climate that produces weather patterns similar to those experienced on the southern fringes of the region. The area does experience a bit more frozen precipitation than its southern neighbors, but accumulations and inconveniences remain quite rare. During the summer, hot and humid weather increases the likelihood of thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes. Fortunately, major damage rarely results from these powerful weather events. Although thunderstorms can happen at any time of year, fall and spring tend to be breezy and relatively dry.

Air Conditioning Repair in Spring, Texas

As a family-owned business with deep ties to southeastern Texas, ACS Absolute Comfort is proud to provide timely, affordable air conditioning service and repair to the proud residents and business owners of Spring. The company is fully licensed and bonded by the state of Texas, and its experienced technicians carry coveted certifications from North American Technician Excellence. These consummate professionals are equipped to handle complex tasks like time-sensitive commercial installations and custom duct installations in historic buildings as well as routine work like efficiency audits, duct cleanings and coil replacements. In the spirit of service, they take emergency calls on a 24-hour basis.

ACS backs up its legendary commitment to service with a full stock of cooling, heating and air quality equipment from most major manufacturers. From powerful water heaters and central air conditioners to energy efficient heat pumps and air purifiers, its customers can be sure they’re getting the best deals on the perfect products. ACS offers one-year warranties on all newly installed or repaired systems, and many of its products come with 10-year warranties that deliver additional peace of mind. With ACS, Spring residents know where to find indoor comfort.