4 Advanced Features Available on a New Heat Pump

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heat pump featuresHeat pumps heat and cool homes by transferring heat using high-efficiency refrigerant. This type of technology offers exceptional heating and cooling efficiency for warmer climates, which is great for Sugar Land homeowners. If you’re shopping around for a new heat pump replacement, consider these four heat pump features to maximize comfort and minimize energy bills.

Compressor Technologies

The compressor is the component responsible for preparing and delivering high-efficiency refrigerant for heat exchange. Standard heat pump compressors operate at one speed. Newer compressor technologies include two-speed and variable-speed compressors that adjust refrigerant output to match the heating and cooling needs of the home.  

If you want the best heat pump features, look for one with scroll compressors. Rather than using pistons to prepare and pump refrigerant, scroll compressors consist of two spiral-shaped scrolls that quietly squeeze refrigerant to deliver optimal heat exchange. Scroll compressors have fewer moving parts than conventional compressors and last longer.

Like conventional compressors, the motor that drives the air handling unit of standard heat pumps operates at one speed. More efficient heat pump systems offer two-speed and variable-speed air-handling motors. Two-speed and variable-speed motors offer advantages to the conventional:

  • Multiple speeds deliver more comfortable airflow to the living spaces.
  • Dehumidification can be enhanced with longer cooling cycles at lower speeds.
  • Multiple-speed air-handling motors work very well with zoning systems.

Heat Pump Water Heating

Heat pumps offer low-cost water heating with an add-on heat exchanger called a desuperheater. The desuperheater captures waste heat and uses it to heat hot water for the home. A desuperheater may also be used to heat a spa or small pool.

Backup Heating Options

Heat pumps aren’t very efficiency when temperatures drop below about 32 degrees. At this point, backup heating is required, which typically consists of electric-resistance heating. You may opt to install a gas backup heating system, often referred to as a dual-fuel or hybrid system. However, our region doesn’t experience extended freezing temperatures. Talk to your HVAC professional to weigh your options.

For more details about the best heat pump features for your Houston area home, please contact ACS Absolute Comfort.

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