How HVAC Works

gas system - furnace upflow new

Condenser: (1) Condenser; (2) 230 Volt electric disconnected; (3) Condenser pad 3″ high; (4) Line set (High and low size)

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Breaker: (5) Breaker sized and marked to code

Furnace: (7) Furnace; (8) Evaporator coil; (9) Drain to hub or sump pump

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Duct work: (10) Plenum; (12) Duct work; (6) Filter grill

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Flue: (11) Flue pipe


gas system horizontal in attic new

Condenser: (1) Condenser; (2) 230 Volt electric disconnected; (3) Pad; (5) Copper line set to coil

Breaker: (4) Breakers to code

Furnace: (6) Evaporator coil; (7) Access door; (8) Furnace; (9) Air cleaner; (11) Gas line

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Duct work: (10) Return box; ; (13) Supply plenum; (14) Duct work

Drainage system: (15) Safety switch (Water guard); (16) Secondary drain pan; (17) High and low size primary drain line; (20) Original drain plumber hub;(18) Drain to under sink; (21) Flower bed or french drain; (19) Emergency overflow

Flue: (12) Flue