Ceiling Fans: A Must in Summertime if You Want to Save

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ceiling fanSummers in the Houston area are sometimes scorching hot. That means turning on the air conditioner more often to keep your home feeling comfortable. But that also means an increase in energy expenses. One effective way to curb some of these cooling costs is by using ceiling fans. Discover how ceiling fans can help you beat the heat, while using your air conditioner less.

How a Ceiling Fan Works

A ceiling fan creates a wind chill effect that makes you feel cooler without changing the air temperature. It makes you feel cooler because the fan’s draft helps the moisture on your skin evaporate faster. This will allow you to turn up the temperature on your thermostat by about four degrees, without any sacrifice in your comfort.

It’s easy to see how a ceiling fan can lower your expenses when you consider the facts. A normal central air conditioner needs up to 3,500 watts of energy and an average room unit uses up to 900 watts of energy. Ceiling fans use much less. Models that are considered energy-efficient are particularly effective, as they only use 100 watts of energy. 

When choosing a ceiling fan, consider the following:

  • A ceiling fan that has a 36- or 44-inch diameter is good enough for a room up to 225 square feet, but larger rooms should have a fan that’s at least 52 inches.
  • More expensive fans are usually quieter, but the fan’s noise ratings are meant to give you an idea of what to expect.

Ceiling Fans Benefits

  • Using the A/C less often means your energy costs will drop.
  • By relying on air conditioning less, you’ll increase its life expectancy and reduce the chance of breakdowns.
  • The energy-savings a ceiling fan offers in the summer work in the winter as well. By simply reversing the fan’s direction and running it on a low speed, you won’t need to use your heater as often.
  • Using a ceiling fan is a greener way to stay cool.

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