Troubleshooting Help for 5 Common Heat Pump Issues

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Your home’s heat pump is an efficient piece of equipment for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When problems begin to appear, you want to get it fixed and back up and running as soon as possible. Fortunately, many heat pump issues are easy to troubleshoot.

heat pumpFive Common Issues with Heat Pumps

  1. You notice ice or frost on the heat pump. During normal heating operations, your heat pump will keep the outdoor coils below 32 degrees. If there is moisture in the air, frost will accumulate on the outside unit. The outside unit goes through a defrost cycle periodically to get rid of the frost. If you notice that the frost never goes away, is getting thicker, or turns to solid ice, there may be a problem with the defrost cycle. 
  2. You see steam coming out of the heat pump. To defrost the outside unit, the heat pump will turn on from heat mode to A/C mode. This causes the outside coils to start heating up. This will start melting off the accumulated frost. As this frost melts, it often vaporizes into noticeable steam, especially on rainy days. This is normal.
  3. The entire system is not working. Heat pumps need electricity. If the entire system is down, it is likely an electrical problem. Check all the breakers associated with the heat pump. Be sure to include both indoor and outdoor breakers. Check the thermostat and make sure it is set at the proper temperature. 
  4. The unit is making odd noises. If you hear a clanging, scraping, or loud vibration noise, there is a problem. Turn the system off immediately.
  5. The auxiliary heat is always on. Auxiliary heat goes on when the heat pump’s normal heating operations are not enough. During hard cold spells, the auxiliary heat will be on quite often. However, if the auxiliary heat is on quite often during milder weather, the outdoor unit may not be functioning properly. 

If you have any heat pump issues that you cannot resolve, call in the experts here at ACS Absolute Comfort.

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