Missouri City, TX Air Conditioner & Heater Services


Missouri City was one of the first major settlements in the Houston area. During the 1850s, the construction of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway connected the settlement to the small but growing city of Houston. Economic development, including oil fields and a salt mine, followed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Eventual railroad connections to western cities like El Paso and Los Angeles provided an even stronger foundation for growth. After repeated threats of annexation from the booming city of Houston, Missouri City was formally incorporated in the 1950s. It’s now an important suburb of the larger city to its northwest.


Missouri City is about 15 miles to the southwest of downtown Houston. It’s adjacent to major Houston suburbs like Sugar Land and Fresno as well as portions of Houston proper. As part of Fort Bend County, it enjoys close economic and logistical connections to nearby communities via the Sam Houston Tollway, Fort Bend Parkway and Interstate 69. The irregularly shaped city is mostly built out with a mix of residential and commercial subdivisions, but small undeveloped areas exist on its southern and western fringes. Like the rest of southeastern Texas, the landscape is generally flat and open.

Population and Demographics

Missouri City has a population of about 70,000. This marks an impressive increase from the most recent Census count and a rough doubling of the area’s headcount since 1985. Although Missouri City’s growth has been impressive, it’s doubtful whether it can continue in the face of restrictive zoning laws and a lack of undeveloped land within the city limits. In any event, the city’s residents range from middle class professionals who work in Houston to blue collar workers who staff nearby energy facilities.

Things to Do in Missouri City, Texas

Missouri City has an impressive range of attractions. The city has the odd distinction of housing most of the transmission antennas for the Houston metropolitan area, and radio buffs frequently visit its massive “antennae farm.” The course of Oyster Creek boasts several key protected spaces, including Oyster Creek Park and Kitty Hollow Park. Golf courses like Sweetwater Cypress Course and Riverbend Country Club provide more refined settings for outdoor enjoyment. Near the center of town, the Missouri City Recreation & Tennis Center welcomes local families with hardtop tennis courts, indoor gyms and other state-of-the-art facilities. The city’s Spring Garage Sale is popular with homeowners who wish to donate used items to others.

Climate and Weather

Like the rest of southeastern Texas, Missouri City has a subtropical climate that’s heavily influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. The area’s summers stretch for five or six months and feature persistent heat, humidity and thunderstorm activity. Although Missouri City does lie in a common tropical storm path, it doesn’t suffer direct hits with any regularity. Beginning in late October, a milder pattern sets up and provides welcome relief from the heat and humidity. Frozen precipitation occurs once or twice in a typical year, but accumulations are light and transient.

Air Conditioning Repair in Missouri City, Texas

ACS Absolute Comfort has provided on-demand air conditioning service to Missouri City’s residents and business owners for many years. The family-owned company employs a dedicated group of NATE-certified technicians who carry up-to-date Texas licenses and submit to thorough factory training exercises. Under the terms of ACS’s regular maintenance agreements, these professionals perform system tuneups, routine repairs, duct cleanings, energy-efficiency audits and other important services. In an effort to minimize equipment downtime and reduce their clients’ long-term ownership costs, they also handle emergency calls at any time of the day or night.

In addition to its regionally renowned commitment to prompt, effective service, ACS sells all major makes and models of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality equipment. From powerful furnaces and central air conditioning systems to effective split systems, heat pumps and air purifiers, ACS is committed to connecting local residents and business owners with equipment that fits their needs. All work performed on these systems comes with a one-year warranty, and many enjoy additional protection via 10-year manufacturer warranties. With ACS’s professional technicians at their disposal, Missouri City residents can breathe easier.