Sugar Land, TX Air Conditioner & Heater Services


Originally known as Oakland Plantation, Sugar Land was one of the first agricultural tracts in the Houston area. The land was initially settled by the Stephen F. Austin and Samuel M. Williams families. With its fertile soil and mild climate, it quickly became a hub for sugar cane production. By the turn of the 20th century, Imperial Sugar and other businesses essentially ran Sugar Land as a “company town.” Although these operations were eventually consolidated, Sugar Land continued to benefit from its proximity to the oil fields of southeastern Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. These days, it’s a vibrant, diverse community comprised of attractive, master-planned communities.


Sugar Land is located about 20 miles to the southwest of Houston. With a land area of about 25 square miles and a population density of nearly 3,000 people per square mile, it’s one of the more densely packed suburbs of Houston. Like its surroundings, Sugar Land is relatively flat and quite marshy. Outside of its subdivisions, its landscape is characterized by fertile, grassy fields and stands of pine and oak trees. Sugar Land is the most populous city in Fort Bend County and is connected to other parts of the Houston area by Interstate 69 and Texas Highway 6.

Population and Demographics

Like many nearby communities, Sugar Land has grown tremendously since the 1980s. Although its population now sits at 85,000, it’s almost certain to surpass 90,000 by the next Census count. As a bedroom community and business center for Houston, Sugar Land is among the most affluent cities in Texas. Many of its residents are energy-industry managers and executives who commute to work in nearby Houston or Pasadena. Others own small businesses that keep the area’s economy humming along.

Things to Do in Sugar Land, Texas

Sugar Land has plenty of attractions for enterprising locals and visitors. For shoppers, First Colony Mall and Sugar Land Town Center sits adjacent to one another. Although both offer great deals on high-end fashion items and home goods, Sugar Land Town Center’s walkable, outdoorsy feel makes it especially attractive on warm evenings. The nearby Sugar Land Ice and Sports Center hosts a practice facility for the local minor-league hockey team and features open-skate nights. For golfers, Riverbend Country Club offers an incomparable experience in a secluded setting. The Sugar Land Skeeters minor league baseball team plays at nearby Constellation Field.

Climate and Weather

Sugar Land’s wet, mild climate is typical of the Texas Gulf Coast region. Although the area is prone to hurricanes, local residents are well-versed in evacuation procedures for these storms. Tropical storms are also mercifully rare. Thunderstorms and soaking rains are far more common during the spring and summer months. Although late fall and winter tend to be drier than other times of year, heavy rainfall is possible in any season. The dead of winter brings occasional frosts and freezes.

Air Conditioning Repair in Sugar Land, Texas

As a family owned and operated company, ACS Absolute Comfort has served the residents and business owners of Sugar Land for years. ACS’s NATE-certified, Texas-licensed technicians take pride in performing a wide range of heating and air conditioning services, including commercial installations, historic-building retrofits, coil replacements, refrigeration repairs and more. These professional technicians arrive in immediately recognizable trucks and proudly display the ACS uniform. They’re happy to handle indoor air quality audits and efficiency checks as part of ACS’s annual maintenance agreements or tackle emergency repairs at any time of the day or night.

ACS provides diagnostic and repair services for all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Even better, the company’s centrally located facility stocks all major brands and can easily connect local residents with systems that fit their needs from powerful gas furnaces and water heaters to central air conditioning units and heat pumps. Additionally, Sugar Land residents and business owners can trust ACS for accessories like insulation, filters, thermostats and more. For added peace of mind, the company offers long-term factory warranties through its trusted suppliers. Sugar Land has a committed friend in the HVAC business.