Tomball, TX Air Conditioner & Heater Services


For the first century of its existence, Tomball was a quiet agricultural community that produced rice, peanuts and cotton for consumption in the surrounding region. Around the turn of the 20th century, the arrival of an important railroad line connected the town with the Port of Galveston and jump-started its growth. Although the community had been known as Peck for the entire 19th century, it was renamed in honor of the politician who helped bring the railroad to town. Later, the rapidly growing oil and gas industry created hundreds of jobs in the region and provided a stable base for the local economy. These days, Tomball is a northern suburb of Houston.


Tomball is located about 35 miles to the northwest of Houston. It’s sandwiched between the affluent community of The Woodlands and the open fields and farmland that spread out towards Austin and San Antonio. Unlike much of the rest of the Houston area, Tomball and its environs feature gently rolling hills that provide excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The area’s major transportation thoroughfares include Texas Highway 249 and Interstate 45. Tomball itself consists of medium-density residential subdivisions and a few small planned communities.

Population and Demographics

Tomball’s population currently sits at about 11,000. Unlike some of the communities on the southern and western edges of the Houston area, Tomball hasn’t experienced breakneck population growth since the 1990s. The area lies near the edge of Houston’s “extrajudicial zone” and is technically subject to annexation by the larger city to the south. However, its inhabitants don’t expect this to happen in the near future. Most Tomball locals are middle class professionals who work at major employers like the Tomball Regional Medical Center.

Things to Do in Tomball, Texas

Tomball has an impressive range of family-friendly attractions. Musical events like the Tomball Honky Tonk Music Festival and Tomball Bluegrass Festival draw lovers of classic American tunes in droves, and the historic Tomball Train Depot regularly puts on events for kids and adults alike. To the northeast, George Mitchell Nature Preserve houses an intact coastal marsh ecosystem that’s home to dozens of bird species. Farther afield, W.G. Jones State Forest is popular with campers and hikers. Meanwhile, The Woodlands Mall is a regional destination for bargain-hunting shoppers as well as high rollers who need luxury items without traveling into Houston.

Climate and Weather

Tomball’s subtropical climate produces a variety of weather patterns. During the winter, chilly conditions and occasional freezes make it challenging to keep delicate plants outdoors. However, frozen precipitation is quite rare. During the transitional seasons, breezy and mild stretches are often interrupted by strong and occasionally severe thunderstorms. Summer brings hot, humid weather and plenty of rainfall. In August and September, Tomball and the entire Houston area experience an elevated threat of tropical storm activity. Fortunately, hurricane strikes happen infrequently.

Air Conditioning Repair in Tomball, Texas

For years, ACS Absolute Comfort has taken pride in delivering affordable, responsive air conditioning service to Tomball’s residents and business owners. This family-owned company’s experienced technicians are fully licensed and insured by the state of Texas. They also carry up-to-date certifications from North American Technician Excellence, the leading arbiter of HVAC professionals. As such, they can handle complex jobs like custom ducting, refrigeration repairs and commercial installations as well as routine tasks like energy-efficiency audits, insulation installations and duct cleanings. ACS is on call for emergency repairs and offers regular maintenance agreements that can reduce long-term ownership costs and improve systems’ efficiency.

In addition to its comprehensive lineup of HVAC services, ACS sells most makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. From quiet, efficient air purifiers and heat pumps to powerful water heaters and central air conditioning systems, the company’s customers are sure to find a system that fits their needs without breaking their budget. ACS’s trained staff members can happily offer advice about maintenance, upkeep and usage protocols. They’re also proud to offer one-year warranties on all workmanship and 10-year manufacturer warranties on select systems. With ACS, Tomball enjoys comfort in all seasons.